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Wedding Car Rental is rated as: 
Singapore’s Top Choice for wedding car rental. 


Here at Wedding Cars Rental, we are a leading provider of a wide range of affordable wedding car rentals. As individuals who just got married ourselves in recent years, we understand what couples require and strive to provide that where others companies may fall short. This includes:

  • Providing a 1hr complimentary drive down to your bridal shop / florist for wedding car decoration installations the evening before.
  • Affordable pricing (because we know how expensive weddings can be) 
  • Screening all wedding car drivers beforehand to ensure they are experienced drivers
  • All drivers are non-smokers
  • Giving you a fuss-free process. No paperwork. No additional steps and processes (Because we understand how stressful planning the perfect wedding can be)

Rated SG #1 for reliability & service

At Wedding Car Rental Singapore, we take pride in ensuring everything goes smoothly according to your schedule. All drivers are timely, non smokers and experienced in driving for weddings. 

Wide range of cars at affordable prices

Here at Wedding Cars Rental Singapore, we specialise in offering a wide range of white bridal cars at low prices.

Complimentary drive down for car flowers installation

We offer a complimentary 1hr drive down the evening before, for installation of wedding car decor and flowers.

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