Maserati Wedding Car Rental Selection

Maserati Wedding Car Rental from $800 for 8hrs

Made audacious. With a tradition of Passion and Innovation. Maserati’s logo, The Trident, represents a symbol of myth and legends and has remained constant since 1914 when the Maserati was founded in Italy. Today, it represents the ultimate sports car combined with ultimate luxury. Enjoy high quality leather seats while you travel around, with powerful horsepower. Maserati positions itself as fast, fearless and stylish. Rent a Maserati wedding car for your big day! Enjoy an experience you will take with you forever and travel in ultimate luxury and style. Our Maserati wedding car rental come chauffeured and prices start from $800 for 8hrs. No extra cost, no paperwork, no additional headaches. Let our experienced driver take care of matters while you sit back and relax in style. Contact us today to get full price-list! 

Maserati wedding car rental


Model: Quattroporte
Category: Luxury Sedan
Colour: White
Year of Registration: 2017
Maximum number of passengers: 4
Rental Options: Chauffeured

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