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Wedding Car Rental Singapore – What you should expect from the BEST

Weddings are arguably one of the most important events of your life. There are so many things that you need to plan for, and it can be especially stressful when it comes to creating backup plans in case things go wrong. We are the best wedding car rental Singapore has, and we want to help take away some of the stress by being the reliable middle man for transportation throughout the wedding process. 

We understand how overwhelming things can be, our founders have gone through their fair share of planning woes as well. Thus, we really emphasize with you and are eager to help make a difference in your lives. As the best wedding car rental Singapore has to offer, we promise to be there to support you with our fleet of beautiful cars and reliable drivers.  From the first conceptual stage of planning to photography, and to the actual day of the wedding itself, we have you covered.

Let’s start with the professional services you can expect to receive.

Dedicated Drivers with decades of experience

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Wedding Car Rental Singapore's best of the best

I am not talking about how long they have had their driving licenses. If that is a key factor, then the bride and groom could just ask their relatives to do the driving for them.

(Having a driver personally chauffeur the group to the destination is highly recommended. I wouldn’t encourage friends or relatives driving, for reasons I will address further below. If you are not interested in this service, don’t worry, we offer self-drive cars too. But please read through the list below so you know the risks of not having a professional driver – it’s better to be prepared for all things, just in case.

Driving experience aside, there is a multitude of other reasons why Wedding Car Rental’s drivers are the best choice to meet all your wedding transport needs. TLDR: our drivers are experienced beyond compare, they are paid well and thus, committed to serving, they will 100% be punctual and lastly, they are friendly and flexible.

1. Experienced drivers - Wedding Car Rental Singapore

All of Wedding Car Rental’s drivers are experienced with driving their vehicles for weddings and events. There are absolutely no inexperienced drivers stumbling their way through our stringent interviews. We want to make sure that we exceed your high standards and so, the drivers you will get are truly the best crop of drivers of all time.

Wedding Car Rental’s drivers have also gone through extensive training, making them prepared to take charge in case things go wrong. Lost a tire? Bird poop? Faulty GPS? As true professionals should, our experienced drivers will handle it swiftly. It is your big day, there shouldn’t be a need for the bride and groom to fuss about such trivial inconveniences. We know what to do in case of setbacks, so sit back and let us take care of the problems on your behalf. 

Friends and relatives driving the fancy wedding car, on the other hand, may take longer to fix the issues mentioned above. Furthermore, we would prefer if the bride, groom and company relax at the back and bask in the pleasant atmosphere before arriving at their destinations. It wouldn’t do if a slight mishap were to spoil the mood before the wedding even starts. Worse still, if our customers had to move around to help each other diagnose the problem, thus causing wrinkles in the neatly pressed suits or grime on the pristine white dresses. 

2. Committed drivers - Wedding Car Rental Singapore

As a highly acclaimed wedding car rental Singapore brand, we have a very close relationship with our drivers. Together we work hand-in-hand to satisfy our valued customers and represent our wedding car rental Singapore brand with pride. We all are willing to work our hearts out to make your wedding a success and we are committed to your needs. Needless to say, you will never have to worry about us pulling out of our deal, or leaving you on ‘read’.

How many times have you had friends and family bail due to unforeseen circumstances? There is simply nothing we can do about it unless we hire professionals who are guaranteed to show up. Even if one of our professional drivers had a real emergency to attend to, you can be sure that we will be ready to take over with backup drivers who are on standby. Once again, as the most prestigious wedding car rental Singapore servicer, we will do all we can to make this special day as stress-free as possible, so put your trust in us and let’s make this happen.

3. Punctual drivers - Wedding Car Rental Singapore

Get your money’s worth! Who wants to sit around waiting for a driver who is late or unfortunate enough to get stuck in traffic? No one, that’s who. Our drivers make sure to check traffic ahead of time so that they can arrive early and ready to go. Every second counts, especially when the bride and groom happen to take extra time to get ready, so wedding car drivers really cannot afford to be tardy. 

Our drivers have a perfect track record for being on time – all the time! We will guarantee punctuality in all our drivers so look forward to a means of fuss-free wedding transport. 

4. Fuss-free drivers - Wedding Car Rental Singapore

Speaking of, since our drivers are so experienced and committed to doing the job right, you will never have to worry about conflicts or disagreements. Wedding Car Rental Singapore equals professionalism. Our drivers know what they can or cannot do, how to answer questions and how to compromise. We strive to ensure that our working relationship will be friendly and full of laughter. It is your big day, and we want to share in your happiness even as we work to make this event a success.  

Things might get messy with friends and family. Like I said, planning a wedding can be stressful and the actual day of the wedding might cause nerves to be slightly more frayed. Words might be said that might be regretted later, and a sour mood will definitely affect the wedding atmosphere later. Hire a professional; avoid all potential conflicts that might strain your relationships with those you love.

Specialized catering

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Wedding Car Rental Singapore's promise

You are our valued customer and we really want to make your wedding a special one. We only provide the transport, but we do our best to make it the best-darned service you have ever experienced, aka the best wedding car rental Singapore will ever know. So no matter how small of a part we play in the grand scheme of things, we hope that you will genuinely work together with us so that we can provide the wedding car and service of your dreams. 

Also, our website already mentions this on our front page, but we offer a complimentary 1hr drive down for wedding car flowers installation the evening before your big day. 

Our home page also has a lovely gallery of all the cars we have in possession. Check it out!
This article is written by our founder! See why he never regretted hiring a chauffeured wedding car rental.

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