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Wedding Cars – Choosing your perfect ride

A wedding without a wedding car is like strawberry shortcake without frosting. It is still wonderful and great, but something is missing and the event just feels incomplete. Wedding cars are also used a lot in wedding photography so choosing the perfect one is all the more important. In simple terms, this is a process worth investing your time into, so keep reading! This will surely get you through the decision phase faster.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding car.

First choose a reputable company

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Take up service with a potentially sketchy wedding car rental company and there might be hidden costs that surprise you. To avoid this, we recommend that you choose who you work with very wisely. Good, dependable companies like yours truly, Wedding Cars Rental, will ensure that we are 100% transparent with costs and services. We want you to have a good experience with us and we will go out of our way to make your dreams a reality. 

Alright, enough boasting. But in all honesty, you need a wedding car rental company that you are comfortable with. You must be able to trust them to provide what you need, so you won’t spend time worrying about false promises or slow communication. Avoid disappointments and added stress! Choose a company that handles the rest. 

Why not decide on the car details first, and choose the company later?

Because we at Wedding Cars Rental can help you through the decision process. If you know exactly what services and cars you would like for the wedding, then great! Let us know and we will get it done. But if you are unsure about the booking dates, car model type, or color, then having someone experienced with weddings to consult with can be a huge benefit. 

For example, if you do research before contracting us for our services, you will need to figure out how much fuel the wedding cars need to hold to get the entire bridal party to and from the wedding venue. Other questions may include:

  • What model is affordable with just the right amount of fuel for a long journey?
  • Which car runs the smoothest so that your niece (that gets car-sick frequently) will have a free and easy journey to the wedding?
  • Which cars are less popular and won’t get snatched up by other couples too quickly?

We are experts in this field. Let us answer your questions and ease your stress. Together, we can also make sure that we book your favourite cars before they are taken by other interested parties! (this is a major concern for many couples so please rest easy that we have you covered)

Go local, or go home

Local wedding car firms are cheaper overall, and more reliable. Their drivers are more familiar with the road, and the wedding venue. There is also something strangely comforting about having a fun, light-hearted conversation with a local driver – dressed to the nines with a signature Singaporean accent. 

Again, we might be biased. But that’s because we really believe that our wedding cars have the best owners/drivers ever, in the whole of Singapore. No joke – We only choose the best so that our valued customers experience the best. Read more about what expertise our drivers specialize in here.

Prepare a reasonable budget

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I’m sure most Singaporeans believe that “one’s budget makes the wedding”. The wedding cake, wedding cars, or wedding venue, is all heavily influenced by how much we are willing to splurge on this special day. 

For Singaporeans who do not wish to spend large amounts of money sprucing up their personal rides for a single occasion, spending on affordable wedding cars is the easy go-to choice. It’s best to save as much money in some areas, to allow for much bigger spending on more expensive elements like the 10 course banquet dinner, wedding dress, and jewelry. 

All of our cars are gorgeous regardless of price, so don't worry about quality!

We at Wedding Cars Rental, promise to provide only the best quality wedding cars. So do not look at your small budget in dismay. We have cars coming in all types of colors, some with large interiors, and others with really comfy padding so you could snooze on the way there. Quality is 100% assured so book our services with confidence.

Follow your colour scheme (...or not!)

Two toy bear on the hood of wedding car. Toy bears dressed in Costa groom and bride's dress. Wedding decor

There are three ways to go about choosing a colour for your perfect wedding cars. It can be based off:

  • wedding color theme 
  • venue (photography)
  • bride and groom’s personality & preference

Wedding colour theme (the most popular option)

“Choose your wedding cars based on the colour of your dress and bouquet”, is the most common advice given to couples during rental consultations. And it’s totally logical! A beautiful white dress will be complemented by a white or light-coloured car. That’s why many wedding car rental companies (including ourselves) are renting out cars in that signature ivory/pearl white shade. 10/10, many couples in Singapore choose their colours based on this too.

Click on the tabs above to browse our quality collection of pearly white, premium wedding cars!

Venue (the most picturesque option)

Calling all couples who are a little bit more adventurous! You might be tired of seeing white wedding cars and decor all over the place. It clashes with your unique vision and you are searching for a wedding car rental company that gives you more options. 

You might want to arrive in an eye-catching red wedding car with streaks of white lace adorning its hood. Or perhaps you would like a light turquoise vehicle as the backdrop to your outdoor-themed wedding photoshoot – where the green-blue shade is splashed with an orange-red tint against the setting sun. 

It’s okay to choose a non-traditional route when it comes to your special day. We, at Wedding Cars Rental, are here to support you with non-white wedding car options so that you can stand out! Check out our car gallery for more. 

Bride and groom's personality & preference (the most unique option)

This is really rare. But hey, whatever floats your boat. 

Are you are a car enthusiast who cannot afford your dream car, but really, really wants to ride it with your loved one on your big day? Then let loose! Choose a car that brings a bright smile to your face. Weddings are meant to be fun, after all. 

Also, if you are the more free and easy-going type, you could just select any wedding car that catches your eye. For example, a friend of mine is known to be the adventurous sort, she browsed through our category of cars and stopped at the picture of our striking red Mercedes (she loved how bold and daring it looked). She booked the car and its chauffeur for 2 days and needless to say, the event went swimmingly well. 

What are you waiting for! Look through our large selection of wedding car brands today.

Match your wedding theme

Wedding flowers bouquet and a vintage tan coloured car

This is totally different from matching colours as previously mentioned. The theme of your wedding could be:

  • modern
  • vintage
  • contemporary
  • traditional
  • bold
  • minimalist
  • eccentric, etc

A fleet of wedding cars that compliment your theme would make a world of a difference. It adds to the atmosphere and helps reflect the style that the bride and groom are trying to portray. This is your single biggest event ever, let’s go all-in with planning and have no regrets!

Consider the interior of the car

Newlywed couple kissing each other in limousine

Before we get carried away booking wedding cars based on their appearances alone, we need to consider… that it’s the inside that truly counts. So what if the outside is perfect? If the interior smells bad, is too cramped, has a really low ceiling, has no leg room space, has a faulty seatbelt, shakes a lot when driving (giving you motion sickness, ugh), your wedding experience will be heavily affected in a negative way. 

Take it from me, you really want good wedding cars. No good cars = no good wedding memories. The journey to the wedding venue is an experience in itself and you want the very best on your wedding day. 

If you are taking up services from us, Wedding Cars Rental, you can be sure that our cars will be catered to you 100%. The space is cleaned up, the drivers are all non-smokers, their cars are as shown in our gallery with no bumps or paint flaking off, etc. I can promise you myself, that you will get nothing but the best. However, if you are considering another wedding car rental company, I heavily encourage you to spot-check the cars in person before booking them. Especially if their prices are ridiculously low and it sounds too good to be true. That is what I did during my own wedding preparations. 

Here are some extra questions you should consider:

  • can the bride and her dress can fit comfortably inside (bride should already practice sitting down when fitting for her dress)
  • does the height of the car allow for comfortable seating for all parties
  • if you are sharing the car with others from the bridal party, is there enough space

Don't forget the rest of the bridal party

Wedding couple cheering champagne glasses with bridesmaids and best man at park.

Will they get to have the experience of sitting in a wedding car? What is your budget? How many wedding cars will we need?

This sounds costly. But hey, is it another important aspect of a wedding. Just like how you invite your colleagues to share in your joy at a wedding, the bride and groom usually book wedding cars so that their parents and closest friends can make the journey from home to their wedding venue together with them. They might be seated together, or in separate cars, but it’s the thought that counts and warms the heart.

Extra tips for a smooth booking process

Empty Wedding checklist with creative pen and roses on white table in bride room, copy space for text

Start discussing with your spouse now

We want to get things done fast. Not because we want to get things over and done with, but because we want to help you secure your perfect car as soon as possible. It will be best if you know exactly what car you would like, but if you don’t then contact us here and we can start the consultation/booking process ASAP. You should read the following information above in the article again with your spouse. Those are the most important elements of what you need to consider when choosing your perfect wedding cars. 

The quicker this is done, the less stress the bride and groom will have down the road. We hope to hear from you soon!

Avoid peak wedding seasons

You should try to avoid booking wedding cars during these months: 

  • March
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • September
  • November
  • December 

They seem to be the more popular months for weddings in Singapore. Your favourite picks will almost certainly be taken by another by then. As a general rule, try to book at least 3-6 months in advance. (or you might get lucky with your last-minute picks, who knows?)

Read the contract carefully

Wedding Cars Rental promises to deliver on what is expected of us. We have no hidden costs and we are 100% passionate about helping our couples with their big day as best we can. Yet, we cannot speak on behalf of other companies. So, in general, I recommend you read the contract really closely to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.

On a tight budget - prioritize the bride and groom's wedding car

You could splurge a little more on a really fancy vehicle and opt for simpler wedding cars for the rest of the bridal party. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being ‘cheap’. When your budget is tight, we need to improvise. Besides, this way, the bride and groom’s wedding car will be the main attraction. 

(Wedding Cars Rental are proud that all our cars are top-notch regardless of price. The rest of the bridal party will still arrive in style, they just won’t make a super grand entrance like the bride and groom will.)

Don't stress too much about it

What’s important is that you are happy with your choice. Have fun with the process of choosing your car, just as much as we will be happy to serve you and your spouse with your decisions. 

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