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6 reasons why a Chauffeured Wedding Car Rental was the best decision I made on my wedding day.

Take it from someone who got married himself recently in 2021.

When I first started looking for wedding car rentals, I considered renting from traditional car rental companies, and also renting a drive for my groomsman to drive. However I was so thankful I made the decision to engage a chauffeured wedding car rental eventually. Which is why here at Wedding Cars Rental, we only offer chauffeured wedding cars! 

1) Only rent for the hours that you need. No paperwork, no insurance, no additional stress. 
Firstly, traditional car rentals usually require a minimum commitment period of 2-3 days (however I only need the car for one day) On top of that, lengthy paper work including signing of insurance, deposits, and limited timings to collect and return the car means I’m paying extra and giving me additional headache when I was already so stressed planning for the wedding.

2) Complimentary drive down for wedding car flowers installation. 
Do take note that usually for wedding cars, you would need to install the decorations the evening before. For example, if you are getting married on Saturday, that means driving down to your bridal studio’s the day before on Friday.

So imagine how busy you would be. We offer complimentary drive down to your bridal studio for flowers installation the evening before. Yes. The driver drives the car down and you can stay home at focus on your big day the next day!

3) The biggest factor for me. CONVENIENCE when I require it the most. 
Having a chauffeured wedding car rental proved to be extremely convenient for multiple reasons, compared to getting one of your friends to drive. On the actual day of your wedding, you will probably want to head to various places for example for photoshoot.

Now imagine if your groomsman have to drive to location, drop you off, then hunt for parking. And your and your bride now have to wait for him to return before you can move off. Or perhaps you want to take a group photo but he is still driving around looking for parking.

Now after the whole photoshoot, you guys are heading back to the hotel. But you still need to wait for your groomsman to fetch the car. This is still not a big issue if there is ample parking around. However if you are going to popular locations like Botanical Gardens, or the Marina Bay Area, the nearest parking is usually a 10-20min walk away!

This delays your whole day’s schedule. Which we know timing is of the essence during your wedding day. This really puts additional stress on the couple on their big day.

Be as carefree and enjoy your wedding day as much as possible

4) The Chauffeur is the owner of the car himself, and experienced in driving for weddings.
Ensuring that everything goes according to plan. is stressful enough, and having a driver really takes the stress off you. Moreover, an experienced one who has driven for multiple wedding couples before, can really help you ensure everything goes smoothly.

(Which is also why we only engage drivers who have driven for weddings before. No first timers!)

5) Having someone to chauffeur you around means that they can drop you off and pick up anytime. 
You can go about your photoshoot/activities. When you need the pick up, just let him know and he drives over to pick you. No waiting around. No delays. No hiccups. No delayed schedules.

6) Your wedding entourage (Groomsman & Bridesmaids) will be too busy helping you with other matters.
Do remember that you require your friends / groomsmen / bridesmaids to help you out with many things. For example carrying items / keeping track of time. Which is why they will probably be extremely busy too. Therefore it is not advisable for them to chauffeur your wedding car

Wedding car rental
Your wedding day is supposed to be a memorable one. Dont stress..

Let someone handle the stress. All of our Wedding Car Rentals come chauffeured by the owner of the cars themselves.

Having a chauffeur when I rented by wedding car actually proved to be extremely convenient during my own actual day. And this is number one reason why we advocate to have a driver for your wedding car rental.

Especially in Singapore where parking is limited, the last thing you want is your groomsman to be hunting around for a parking lot, and you and your bride have to wait.

Here at Wedding Car Rentals, we offer complimentary drive down to your bridal studio the evening before for installation of the bridal car flowers. This means you do not even need to drive the car down yourself. Stay home, prepare for your big day. Let the driver handle this matter!

As the drivers are the owners of the cars themselves. This means that all cars are extremely well maintained, interior is cleaned and exterior washed the day before your big day. All drivers are also non smokers.

All drivers are season drivers, and experienced in driving for multiple wedding couples before. This means that they know the sequence of events. And can help make sure everything goes according to plan.

Rest assured that all our drivers are screened, all drivers are friendly and respectful with many years of driving experience. They also know how important this day is to you and will be punctual or even early.

For a more detailed look into our drivers, take a look at this article.

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